Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi Guys, I'm Back!

I was really lost on the web for quite sometime. Was busy with house stuff and moving again. This time, the move will be in another country. Wuh, it will be a whole lot of things to do and prepare. Wish me luck guys, thanks a lot for still visiting my blog. You have been very great! Til next time I can have the chance to log in.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resisting to Let Go

It is really hard to let go of things you have acquired or both for the old house such as those figurines and all other stuff but I have to. Today is quite a busy day. Me and my nanny have been very busy arranging some remaining stuff left in the boxes from the result of our moved.

Well, you might wonder why is it taking for me so long to really completely set the new house. I tell you what, I am struggling and fighting with the space in the new place. That's the reason! It is quite difficult to manage now the small cabinet for a quite number of wardrobes that I got plus all my bags and shoes collections. Oh, such a terrible thing to face that I have to let go as well some of them that I no longer use very often or else there will really be no space at all in the cabinet and I will be all putting the extras in the balcony which ain't right. So as per advise by my mother, it is best to let go of them and give it to someone who might be needing them more than I do.I resist to let go and not for the reason that I don't want to share my things to others. It is just the sentimental value of the things I acquire and will just let go of them due to space issue. It is really indeed heartbreaking but I guess it is part of moving.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Connection Building Up

It is never easy to set up a house which is absolutely bare. Anyone who dares say that it is never a trouble is of course a rich man but for those who have limited budget in setting a new place to be completed will certainly lived with headache carried over even at their sleep.

Aside from the stuff that you may need to get for the house, landline and internet connections need to be built up yet. And it is quite time and energy consuming to chase the telephone company or internet provider to immediately act for your request and application. As per experience, my own landline connection was taken into consideration a week after I attempted to cancel it already due to the fact that the length of processing the application is not acceptable anymore. Today, I have to chase the internet provider to send me the modem. They have my unit now activated for the web connection but up until I have the modem then I am able to get connected too. Oh, such a terrible experience with follow up at the customer service number. The hold is just quite patient-testin.

It Definitely Struck Me!

The prices of the set of furniture for my sitting or living room really is terrible to even just look at especially if it is for great piece of furniture that will surely match the paint and structure of your place.

What struck me the most are the very basic things I needed to even complete a kitchen. Even with the pots needed, they are all now really costly especially if you demand for quality kitchen materials such as non-stick pan, gas range and all others. Huh, I am down to zero balance for this month when it comes to my payroll account. It definitely struck me even the prices for the bin and other shower stuff in the bathroom. I wish I would be able to find a great shopping place for my household needs at the best deal ever. I need help here!

Good Housekeeping, What's In It?

Housekeeping in a new home is such a big challenge to behold! There are so many things to consider and this is even the very main reason why I have just been back in my own blogging page. It was such time-consuming and of course money-draining.

First, for the very main reason that we still have to get the stuff we need in this new home. I got a bare 2-bedroom condominium unit at the heart of the city. The rental was a bit okay but of course I would need to complete it with important household stuff inside which I do not have yet completely. I just got the 2nd hand household stuff from a neighbor in the previous place I stayed and I would still be needing other important things to complete a house a home. Housekeeping in this new place starts at securing that all things needed in the kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, toilet, shower room and even the balcony. Huh, a whooping one month paycheck was definitely needed but it was worth it. My next journey would be to really secure my own place as all these things I have will be moved to what I will be proudly calling soon, my house bought and owned and no more rented!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So Busy!

Huh! Got so busy yesterday for our move in a new condo. It was really a no sleep day and even night. I didn't realise how tiring and hassle it maybe to move to a new place with all the house stuff but it was worth it as me and my baby love the new house and of course the new place with a great swimming pool for the summer activity!

Even my own nanny was so excited to be in this place. Well, at least it is worth the effort, time and enrgy in moving our household stuff and transporting them. Guess what, I haven't had any sleep yet til now. We did our move just yesterday and until now we are not done arranging our new place. The very main factor of that too is I am still working and couldn't get any LOA yet at work. So I have to struggle to work and at the same time attend to the new house. I am not even done yet with the clearing up of bills and all other stuff in the old condo we had. I am still going to the old place to access internet as I still don't have connection on the new place come til Saturday. Oh, you won't imagine how dreadfully exhausted I am with the move considering I am working in the a graveyard shift. Well, it's how life is!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The House Search

This blog deals with all the effort we exert in searching for a place we call home. Here, I will be sharing my own dreamhouse and the ones I saw and viewed for future reference. Here, you will be seeing what I saw as available in the market. Perhaps, I will also be sharing here the ones which are affordable and at the same time in good location. I find it not that easy to find one even just for renting so I have decided to express my own share of experience on this blog. Wish me luck guys and share the adventure with me as I search for a place I can call my own.